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About me: Misogyny is a gospel, and I'm here to preach it. Women evolved to be property. They don't have rights — only privileges. When a woman is young and living under herfather's roof (and thumb), she hasthe the privilege of remaining chaste, and only her father may decide who gets to marry or fuck her.If she marries a man her father approves of, that authority transfers to him; likewise if she's sold to be a whore. But if a woman becomes a rebellious dyke, a lying feminist, or some other species of cunt, that woman sacrifices all personhood and becomes an IT. In a just society, any man who wants to fuck or beat a cunt may do so. We have to stop pretending that porn actresses and other cunts are people. They give up their personhood when they buy into the feminist lie that women have the right to control access to their holes. Calling a porn actress SHE is an insult to decent wives and submissive sllaves. Spread the truth, boys. Go out and slap a feminist today. When it complains, knock it onto its belly, fuck its ass, and make it suck you clean. Most of them will hate it, but that's the idea. If your victim seems to like the fucking, beat it till it changes its tune — or dies. Your call.