As everyone might expect, we love fetish videos. In fact, we love them so much that we want to share them with the whole world. That’s what drove us to start this website, and it’s why we’re doing what we’re doing, day after day.

Do you also have a passion for extreme fetish content? Would you like to help us in our mission to make it as widely available as possible, for everyone to enjoy? In that case, why not upload videos to the HeavyFetish website? Not only will you be able to share what you enjoy and take part in our growing community, we’ll also make it worth your while!

Like everyone with a kink, though, we’re picky, and we won’t just accept anything. Before uploading any videos, please make sure to check our content guidelines, below.

Video Content Guidelines

To be considered for HeavyFetish, a video will have to:

With that out of the way, let’s cover payment!

How to Get Paid

We are willing to pay $0.10 per approved video, and currently support PayPal and Payoneer. Once you have $10 worth of content approved and live on the website (100 videos), you can get paid over PayPal. You can get paid over Payoneer once you have $20 (200 videos) worth of approved content. The waiting period for amounts under $50 is two weeks, while we will pay equal or greater amounts as soon as possible.

The process goes like this:

And that’s it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at We’ve found that sharing fetish videos can be just as satisfying as watching them, and we hope that you’ll feel the same way. Take care and play safe. Or don’t. You know what you like.