HARDTIED - Syd Blakovich & Claire Adams - Smitten, Part One

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Description: Claire is a brutal one to serve. She likes to inflict pain any way she can. She bites, kicks, and punches Syd, who is helpless to stop her. All she can do is bite down on the gag and close her eyes tightly to shut in the tears. Every time she opens them, they plead with Claire for mercy. But Syd deserves no mercy, and Claire would never offer any. All she deserves is to be used and discarded, just like any other toy.

And when Claire is tired of those crying eyes, she blindfolds Syd. Everything is worse in the dark. Every sound is a new and mysterious instrument about to leave its mark. There can be no bracing for impact because Syd cannot see it coming and does not know where the blows will land. She is unprepared, exposed, and terrified. All she can hope for is that she will please Claire enough for her to make the suffering stop.
Categories: Bondage Pain Sadism